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This is particularly the case when you have used a web site as an important source of information. They are a complex form of list and are useful especially when more than 2 pieces of information are of interest to each list item. List styles edit See also: Help:List, Wikipedia:Manual of Style  Bulleted and numbered lists, and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility  Lists There are several ways of presenting lists on Wikipedia. List naming edit Further information: Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists  Naming conventions For a stand-alone list, the list's title is the page name. Pro and con lists can encapsulate or bracket neutrality problems in an article by creating separate spaces in which different points of view can be expressed.

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Zum anderen mssen die typografischen Formatregeln nach deiner Hochschule umgesetzt werden. Name 1 This is the value associated with the first term and may be quite long, but must be one unbroken line in the source. Die erste Seitenzahl wird im auf dem Inhaltsverzeichnis angegeben. Timelines and chronologies can be a useful supplement to prose descriptions of real-world histories. Use a # symbol at the start of a line to generate a numbered list item (excepted as detailed in this section, this works the same as * for bulleted lists, above). Prfe hierzu die Richtlinien deiner Hochschule. Prefer using full sentences, and avoid mixing sentences and fragments as items in the same list. They can be organised alphabetically, by subject classification or by topics in a flat or hierarchical structure.

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Consideration may be given to collapsing tables which consolidate information covered in the prose. For details, see  Bulleted and numbered lists, above. Whle dazu unter den Reiter Einfgen SmartArt oder Diagramm. They are different from disambiguation pages in that they are full-fledged articles meant to document multiple subjects, while disambiguation pages are for navigation purposes only. Users with a specific research goal, described in one or two words, are likely to find Wikipedia's search box useful. See Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists  Chronological ordering. Either way, make sure to add them to the main article if they are not already there. Prose is preferred in articles because it allows the presentation of detail and clarification of context in a way that a simple list may not. Danach whlst du unten Format und dann Absatz. When using a more complex form of organization, (by origin, by use, by type, etc.

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Because they correspond to sections in the rest of the article below the list). Consider whether prose is more appropriate. When deciding what articles and lists of articles to append to any given entry, it is useful to try to put yourself inside the mind of readers: Ask yourself where would a reader likely want to go after reading the article. At the beginning of the 20th century, New York City was a center for the Beaux-Arts architectural movement, attracting the talents of such great architects as Stanford White and Carrere and Hastings. Whle die 3 Striche in der Mitte fr Zeilenabstand 1,5 aus. Fr komplexere Grafiken und berarbeitungen von Abbildungen aus dem Internet oder Bchern hilft dir 1a-Studi. Times New Roman 12 pt formatiert ist, dann sollte die Gliederungsformatierung nicht kleiner als der Textwert von 12 pt sein. For infoboxes, a bulleted list can be converted to unbulleted or horizontal style with simple templates, to suppress both the large bullets and the indentation. Chronological lists, such as timelines, should be in earliest-to-latest chronological order. Either wikitext markup is functionality-limited and easily broken.

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Wikipedia uses several standard appendices, usually in list format, as well as navigational templates. A feature of Unbulleted list is that, for a short list, it can be put on a single line: Unbulleted list Example 1Example 2Example. Special names of lists edit Most lists on Wikipedia are item lists, but not all. Bulleted lists edit This is the most common list type on Wikipedia. When elements contain (or are) titles of works or other proper names, these retain their original capitalization, regardless how the rest of the list is formatted. Die Formatierung eines Deckblatts umfasst: Name deiner Hochschule, Studiengang, Titel deiner Arbeit, Angaben zu deiner Person, Name des Betreuers und das Abgabedatum. Wikitext Appearance ol type"a" start"-2" li a /li li good /li li idea! Not-yet-sorted items may be included on the list's talk page while their categorization is determined. Formatierung Hausarbeit Grafiken und Tabellen Abbildungen und Grafiken in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten mssen immer neu erstellt werden. Do not put blank lines between list items.

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Formatierung Hausarbeit Abstze Damit der Text besser lesbar ist, sollten die Textabstze immer einen kleinen Abstand haben. (There are html techniques to insert linebreaks or additional paragraphs into a list item.) Avoid misuse of list markup in articles for visual styling of non-list material. Images and lists edit A (good) File:gthumbCaption text * Example 1 * Example 2 * Example 3 * Example 4 B (bad) * Example 1 * Example 2 File:gthumbCaption text * Example 3 * Example 4 C (good). Medical condition is a broad term that includes all diseases and disorders, but can also include injuries and normal health situations, such as pregnancy, that might affect a person's health, benefit from medical assistance, or have implications for medical treatments. Even if you're sure that an item is relevant to the list's topic, you must find a good source that verifies this knowledge before you add it to the list (although you can suggest it on the. When adding to a stand-alone list with links to other articles, follow the established format when adding your item, and then see if you can link that item to an article focusing on that item's topic. When the items are complete sentences, each one is formatted with sentence case (i.e., the initial letter is capitalized) and a final full stop (period). Use a sort key to sort alphabetically by topic.

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Bei den Formatvorlagen fr Hausarbeiten hat 1a-Studi fr dich bereits alles eingestellt. Note that the word "famous" is considered an unnecessary "peacock" embellishment and should not be used. In einer Abschlussarbeit werden im Durchschnitt durch die 1a-Studi Fach-Lektoren mehr als 2000 Korrekturen und Verbesserungen vorgenommen. They include lists of Advantages and disadvantages of a technology or proposal (such as Wi-Fi ) and lists of Criticisms and defenses of a political position or other view, such as libertarianism or evolution. regardless of coding style. Edits of uncertain quality can be first discussed on the talk page for feedback from other editors. A list title in a section heading provides a direct edit point, if one enables section editing. This still keeps the names and values within a single description list, and the alternation of typically short names and longer values makes the separate components easy to spot while editing. Zu deiner Korrektur Prfung Hausarbeit Formatierung: Hufige Fragen und Antworten Welche Schriftgre bei Hausarbeit? Bad example Wikitext html Appearance Title of list * Example 1 * Example 2 * Example 3 h2 span class"mw-headline" id"Title_of_list" Title of list /span /h2 ul li Example 1 /li /ul ul li Example.

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Embedded lists should be used only when appropriate; sometimes the information in a list is better presented as prose. Outlines are one of the two types of general topics list on Wikipedia, the other being indices. Soziologie - Wirtschaft und Industrie 224 eBooks, soziologie - Wissen und Information 113 eBooks, soziologie - Wohnen, Stadtsoziologie 279 eBooks. See also: WP:Manual of Style/Trivia sections. Lists are commonly used in Wikipedia to organize information. Like categories, lists can be used for keeping track of changes in the listed pages, using the Related Changes feature. Either method needs careful judgment as to whether and how it should be used. As such, there are templates for producing description lists such as glossaries, in ways that provide for richer, more complex content, including multiple paragraphs, block"tions, sub-lists, etc.

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Dafr nderst du die Formatvorlage unter dem Reiter Start in Word und klickst rechts und dann ndern. We have to try to put ourselves in the readers' frame of mind and ask "Where will I likely want to go after reading this article?". In lists that involve living persons, the Biographies of living persons policy applies. Die folgende Liste zeigt dir eine bersicht ber alle ntigen Schritte fr die Formatierung deiner Hausarbeit: Seitenrnder, deckblatt, inhaltsverzeichnis berschriften und Unterschriften, typografie Text, zeilenabstand. Do not double-space the lines of the list by leaving blank lines after them. Disease Any abnormal condition that impairs normal function, especially infectious diseases, which are clinically evident diseases that result from the presence of pathogenic microbial agents. References and external links edit Reference lists show information sources outside of Wikipedia. For an embedded list, the list's title is usually a section title (for instance, Latin Empire#Latin Emperors of Constantinople, but it can be shorter. The following example works both with and without the bullets: Prose, list At the beginning of the 20th century, New York City was a center for the Beaux-Arts architectural movement, attracting the talents of such great architects as Stanford White and Carrere and Hastings. Simply present what the various sources say, giving each side its due weight through coverage balanced according to the prominence of each viewpoint in the published, reliable sources.

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Dies ist oft zeitaufwendig und kompliziert. The items on these lists include links to articles in a particular subject area and may include additional information about the listed items. Items may be given with initial lowercase or in sentence case. Besides being useful for such feedback, a talk page discussion is also a good review process for reaching consensus before adding an item that is difficult or contentious, especially those items for which the definition of the topic itself is disputed. The list title should not be misleading and should normally not include abbreviations.

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Tables require a more-complex notation, and should be scrutinized for their accessibility. Content should be sourced where it appears with inline citations if the content contains any of the four kinds of material absolutely required to have citations. Das Inhaltsverzeichnis folgt. Formatierung Hausarbeit Lngere Zitate Lngere direkte Zitate werden in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten hufig eingerckt und eine Schriftart kleiner dargestellt. It was one of the first buildings designed with a steel framework, and to achieve this height with other construction methods of that time would have been very difficult. Ein Abstand nach von 8 pt oder 6 pt ist fr wissenschaftliche Arbeiten eine gute Wahl. Was muss alles auf ein Deckblatt einer Hausarbeit? The resulting layout and html are identical to that generated by the single-line syntax.

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