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Channels Channels currently exist for the following topics or sites. Hence, many of these sites offer some means to edit the wikitext directly. 1 Wiki inventor Ward Cunningham wrote in 2014 18 that the word "wiki" should not be used to refer to a single website, but rather to a mass of user-editable pages or sites so that a single website is not. Critiques of other users should be discussed in private message with them if possible, rather than risking publicly embarrassing them. For example, a user creating a new article on cold weather cycling might "tag" this page under the categories of commuting, winter sports and bicycling.

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25 Some wikis allow one to link to specific versions of articles, which has been useful to the scientific community, in that expert peer reviewers could analyse articles, improve them and provide links to the trusted version of that article. WikiBot Responsible for adding helpful links when users post Wikilink and Template syntax. For other uses, see. Du hast noch keine abgeschlossene Auftrge, um das Feedback hinterlassen zu knnen. Many wikis have adopted a set of commandments. Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described wiki as "the simplest online database that could possibly work." 4 " Wiki " (pronounced wiki note 1 ) is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick." 5 6 7 Contents. 22 In case unacceptable edits are missed on the "recent changes" page, some wiki engines provide additional content control. B Feldman Co Ltd, RPC 385, 1979 Missing or empty title ( help ) Walsh, Kathleen.; Oh, Sarah (February 23, 2010).

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Unsere Agentur gewhrleistet dir eine Originalarbeit ohne Plagiate und mit wissenschaftlich hohem Anspruch. Jemand anderer bernimmt fr dich bei deiner Hausarbeit Bearbeitung, Vorfertigung, Korrektur, Recherche, Lesen, Schreiben, Formatierung. Innerhalb von 14 Tagen wird deine Arbeit bis in die Einzelheiten ein letztes Mal nachgeprft. You are not required to authenticate. A wiki ( /wki/ ( listen wIK-ee ) is a hypertext publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience directly using a web browser. This reprocessing of the link to improve the readability of the anchor is, however, limited by the loss of capitalization information caused by CamelCase reversal. Atlassian Summit homepage archived June 13, 2011; Retrieved June 20, 2011. Nicknames are a form of expression, but it should be clear to chatters who you are at all times, such as suffixing your normal name in parenthesis.

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19 Implementations See also: List of wiki software Wiki software is a type of collaborative software that runs a wiki system, allowing web pages to be created and edited using a common web browser. Sogar die Einleitung ist fertig, dennoch schreibt es sich nicht weiter, der Umfang soll ja 15 bis 20 Seiten betragen, was recht viel ist. "It's very easy to take 'more' than nothing." p "Take some more a href wiki/Tea" title"Tea" tea /a the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. Archived from the original on August 25, 2014. RegioWikiCamp (20092013 a semi-annual unconference on "regiowikis or wikis on cities and other geographic areas. For the app for the Apple iPad, see WikiNodes. "It's very easy to take i more /i than nothing." /p "Take some more tea the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

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Retrieved April 26, 2015. However unlike IRC, users can ask questions in a channel and get an answer hours or days later from another user. In some cases, editors with opposing views of which content should appear or what formatting style should be used will change and re-change each other's edits. Some wikis, including the original, have a backlink feature, which displays all pages that link to a given page. For example, vandalism (changing wiki content to something offensive, adding nonsense, maliciously removing encyclopedic content, or deliberately adding incorrect information, such as hoax information) can be a major problem.

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It was named by Cunningham, who remembered a Honolulu International Airport counter employee telling him to take the " Wiki Wiki Shuttle " bus that runs between the airport's terminals. It is a project run by volunteers of their own accord. Some copyright issues can be alleviated through the use of an open content license. Larger wikis often employ sophisticated methods, such as bots that automatically identify and revert vandalism and JavaScript enhancements that show characters that have been added in each edit. It is not inserted into the article's main text but is stored along with that revision of the page, allowing users to explain what has been done and why. "Exploring with Wiki: A Conversation with Ward Cunningham, Part I".

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This would make it easier for other users to find the article. Stell uns deine Frage Mchtest du uns persnlich ansprechen? If a wiki owner displays indifference and forgoes controls (such as banning copyright infringers) that he could have exercised to stop copyright infringement, he may be deemed to have authorized infringement, especially if the wiki is primarily used to infringe. You must be able to receive messages for this to work. See Hawaiian phonology for more details. Plagiatsprfung kostenlos, verwende unseren kostenfreien Plagiarism Checker und unterziehe deine Arbeit einer grndlichen Plagiatsprfung. Org: a collaborative resource for researchers and interface designers". Da jeder Vorgang mit dir abgesprochen wird, bist du mit uns auf der sicheren Seite. A delegate wiki is a wiki that agrees to have certain content delegated to that wiki. Cite journal requires journal ( help ) a b Ebersbach 2008,. .

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For the Wikipedia help page, see Help:Edit summary. How is Wikimedia Community Discord related to Wikipedia? Cornell Law School founded a wiki-based legal dictionary called Wex, whose growth has been hampered by restrictions on who can edit. Retrieved April 30, 1 maint: archived copy as title ( link ) a b c d e f g Black, Peter; Delaney, Hayden; Fitzgerald, Brian (2007 Legal Issues for Wikis: The Challenge of User-generated and Peer-produced Knowledge, Content. TikiFest homepage archived June 30, 2011; Retrieved June 20, 2011. Unlike IRC, Discord does not show IPs or hostnames for users as they join servers and channels. 109 Goldman, Eric, "Wikipedia's Labor Squeeze and its Consequences Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law, 8 Barsky, Eugene; Giustini, Dean (December 2007).

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New channels for other Wikimedia sites can be created on request by members of those projects, though they will need to ensure their project or site is aware of the channel by posting the information locally on that project or site. They are often used as internal documentation for in-house systems and applications. Medical and health-related wiki examples include Ganfyd, an online collaborative medical reference that is edited by medical professionals and invited non-medical experts. 15 Apple had designed a system allowing users to create virtual "card stacks" supporting links among the various cards. Posting large gifs or memes with no context or relation to the discussion purpose of a channel. Diamond, Graeme (March 1, 2007). 30 Edit wars can also occur as users repetitively revert a page to the version they favor. There are some English Wikipedia-specific projects that maintain their own servers. Once joined, the user can simply return to the Discord site, or open the client of their choice.

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Ferret (server operator) Userboxes User Discord, which outputs: Wikipedia:Discord/Userbox, which outputs: Come chat with us on the Wikimedia Community Discord server! 27 In academic context, wiki has also been used as project collaboration and research support system. 52 OpenSym (called WikiSym until 2014 an academic conference dedicated to research about wikis and open collaboration. Dein Name bleibt verschlsselt, auch wenn deine Privatdaten bei uns hinterlegt sind. Das Format mit Schriftgre und Zitierweise hast du ebenso im Griff. 178 Ebersbach 2008,. . #simple-english-wikipedia For topics specific to the Simple English Wikipedia and Wiktionary English WikiProject channels Channels currently exist for the following English WikiProjects: #wpanimanga WikiProject Anime and manga #wpbiology WikiProject Biology and sub-projects #wpcomics WikiProject Webcomics, WikiProject Comics, and related sub-projects #wpengineering Wikipedia:WikiProject.

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