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erstmals 1946 die Technische Universitt Berlin. Tracking and displaying recognized content JL-Bot can generate a subpage listing the recognized content (Featured Articles, Good Articles, In The News, etc.) of a WikiProject. Broadening the proposed scope may help to bring in more pages and editors; although a scope too broad may fail to interest editors who wish to collaborate on only a subset of your topic. Try it and see.) This gives an easy way to see recent relevant talk page discussions. However, to avoid the proliferation of unused and underutilized WikiProjects, it is strongly recommended that those interested in starting a WikiProject read the guidance below and propose their project at the proposal page. Knste durch, forschung und, lehre sowie der beruflichen Ausbildung studium ) und. Ensure assessment data has been moved by querying for the new WikiProject at Special:PageAssessments. If there is insufficient support to start the project after a few months, the proposal will generally be archived for future reference. Ein Promotionsrecht besteht weiterhin nicht.

Creating a WikiProject, wikiProjects exist in the project namespace and can technically be started by any auto-confirmed user. While there are no hard rules for what constitutes "sufficient" support, projects that are likely to succeed tend to start with at least 6 to 12 active Wikipedians. Such pages move out from under their original "Wikipedia:WikiProject Something path. For more detailed instructions on how to start a WikiProject, see. Tracking progress Tracking maintenance templates on project articles CleanupWorklistBot produces a weekly report of all project articles tagged with various maintenance templates ( example ). Additionally, talk page banners may point interested editors towards relevant WikiProjects where they might become involved, or just ask a question about an article. Renaming a WikiProject Renaming a WikiProject is not as simple as moving the WikiProject page itself. A WikiProject's participants define the scope of their project (the articles that they volunteer to track and support which includes defining an article as being outside the scope of the project.

The good advice pages do not conflict with the site-wide pages, and avoid unnecessary duplication of material from them. In severe cases, formal dispute resolution channels are available. Sometimes small, inactive projects are simply merged into larger, more active projects. To be effective, a WikiProject must foster an esprit de corps among its participants. Oder allgemein als Hochschule fr angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW). Advice for creating and maintaining WikiProjects. Before you begin, interested in starting a WikiProject? Create any missing userbox, project banner, or user invite templates. Editors who are working on such an advice page or section are encouraged to carefully study the main policies, guidelines, and relevant well-accepted general Wikipedia essays.

It may take a while for the data to be updated. Much of the work that participants do to sustain a successful WikiProject (quality assessment, peer review, coordination of volunteer editors,.) can be tedious, unrewarding, and unappreciated. Wikipedia is a huge place with many draws on editors' attention; finding several long-term editors with a sustained interest in one topic may not be easy. A large 2010 RfC concluded that removing WikiProject tags from talk pages (the RfC was specifically about BLP pages ) without consulting the WikiProject is unhelpful. Actively maintained tools are listed below, as well as instructions for how to utilize them: Recruiting editors Make your project visible: add your project to the manually maintained WikiProject directory ( instructions and to a subcategory of Category:WikiProjects (e.g. This group contains people who have generally shown some ability at working with and in groups. When this happens, the WikiProject's participants cede any notion of control over the page, and everyone in the community participates equally in further development of the guidelines. Das Hochschulrahmengesetz des Bundes, das bisher Rahmenvorgaben fr die Lnder gegeben hat, soll im Rahmen der Fderalismusreform auslaufen. Pages of broad interest may fall within the scopes of several projects, and may therefore have several project banners on their talk page (these banners are often collapsed to be less visible with WikiProjectBannerShell ). Ausnahmen sind beispielsweise die rwth Aachen oder die ETH Zrich.

Additionally, you may ask at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Council where interested experienced editors may be willing to help. A WikiProject is a group of people who want to work as a team to improve Wikipedia. This helps the WikiProjects to organize their progress improving pages within the project's scope. Enable Article Alerts to produce an automatically updated list of WP:Articles for deletion, WP:Proposed deletions, and other time-sensitive news about tagged articles. Der Hochschule steht eine Hochschulleitung mit einem Rektorat oder Prsidium sowie meist einem Kanzler vor.

Seit der Umwandlung 2006 in die Duale Hochschule Baden-Wrttemberg (DH) werden die akademischen Grade Bachelor und Master verliehen. Bologna-Prozesses werden an den Hochschulen gestufte Studiengnge mit den Abschlssen. Popular pages bot can produce a monthly list of the most-visited pages with a WikiProject's banner ( example ). In general, one should not attempt to police which projects are sufficiently relevant to place their banners on a given talk page. 1 Conversely, projects that place their banners on a talk page have no special ownership over that page, and the consensus of project participants can be overruled by a broader consensus at a more visible forum.

User:sqlbot and User:Femto Bot used to maintain WikiProject lists but both are currently down. Additionally, you can use the searchbox below to text search for existing pages in the project space: If your project doesn't already exist, it's time to look for editors with similar interests. Die Summe beinhaltet Kosten fr Forschung, Lehre und medizinische Behandlung. This will generate a more discouraging message, suggesting interested editors look for related projects. Berufsakademien (BA) hatten einen hnlichen Status und verliehen ihren Absolventen daher keinen akademischen Grad, sondern eine staatliche Abschlussbezeichnung. Provide clear suggestions on what participants can do, using to-do lists, tasks and cleanup listings, and perhaps linking to relevant pages elsewhere. Respond promptly to queries and post occasional messages at the WikiProject's talk page to let people know what you're working on and how they can help.

The first stop should be to look for projects with similar interests (if any exist). The following templates are available to WikiProjects for clarifying the distinction between WikiProject advice and Wikipedia-wide guidelines: Role of the WikiProject Council There may still arise situations when there is a seemingly intractable disagreement between projects. Further information: WP:prjdel Identifying Many WikiProjects fall inactive after some time. See WP:aalerts for details, and Wikipedia:Article alerts/Subscribing for instructions on how to subscribe. Instructions for how to setup a new task force are at Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide/Task forces. Die Anzahl der Studenten ist in den Jahren 19 um das Dreifache angestiegen (auf.953.504 die Anzahl der Professoren jedoch nur um das 1,8-Fache (auf.364). Hochschulen haben sich im Laufe der Zeit (in entsprechender Zusammenarbeit mit dem jeweiligen Bundesland) zusammengeschlossen, sich spezialisiert oder umbenannt. (Don't go overboard with this. While inactive projects do no harm to the encyclopedia, it may be beneficial to tag them as inactive, in order to divert interested editors to more active projects on similar topics.

Projects with overly narrow scopes tend to become inactive due to lack of editors, not enough associated encyclopedia pages for sustained effort, or competing with a broader-scoped more popular project that draws the time of interested editors. Tell them that the project is active, invite them to help, and ask whether there is an article of mutual interest that both groups could collaborate. WikiProject pages may be used to develop criteria, maintain various collaborative processes, keep track of work that needs to be done, and act as a forum where relevant issues may be discussed. Die ffentlichen und privaten Hochschulen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland gaben 2010 etwa 41,2 Milliarden Euro aus. Auerdem gibt es eine zentrale Hochschulverwaltung, den Akademischen Senat sowie zentrale Service-Einrichtungen der Hochschule wie Hochschulbibliothek, Rechenzentrum, Zentrale Studienberatung, Career Service oder Akademisches Auslandsamt. This is the most important step.

Im Vergleich dazu stehen die US-amerikanischen Eliteinstitutionen wie Harvard oder Stanford mit einem Betreuungsverhltnis von 1:10 oder besser wesentlich gnstiger dar. Fachakademien und weiterbildende hhere Fachschulen werden dem tertiren Bildungsbereich zugeordnet, sofern der Bildungsgang nicht weniger als 2400 Stunden hat. If done correctly, no pages should be returned under the old name. Canvassing is not a concern here; however, filling the support roles with new accounts is unlikely to lead to a sustainable project). If an inactive project never seems to have grown beyond its founding, you may consider moving it to the founder's userspace or nominating it for deletion at MfD. Once that threshold is reached, the proposal can be considered successful and the project created (see below). Genauer sind dies an Universitten etwa 60, an Fachhochschulen etwa 38 Studenten. A separate-page example is Wikipedia:WikiProject Cycling/Notability.

Post at the talk pages for those similar projects asking if editors are interested in your starting a project focused on your topic. When group cohesion is maintainedwhere, in other words, project participants are willing to share in the less exciting worka WikiProject can muster the energy and direction to produce excellent articles systematically rather than incidentally. Note that for projects involved in the WP:1.0 assessment program (which is most of them every banner placed is a demand for an assessment according to the project's guidelines. To verify that a project is inactive, post on its talk page asking if anyone minds marking it as such. Zur Geschichte der Hochschulreform im letzten Drittel des. Forschung betreibt und damit neues Wissen schafft, wissenschaftliche Lehre (. 5 bersicht ber die Hochschulorganisation Knstlerische Hochschulen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Weitere Einrichtungen des tertiren Bildungsbereichs Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Hauptartikel: Bildungssystem in Deutschland George Turner : Hochschule zwischen Vorstellung und Wirklichkeit. This will add the project to Category:Inactive WikiProjects and display a message at the top of the page notifying editors of the project's status. WikiProjects define their scopes Many editors place banners on behalf of WikiProjects in which they are not participants.

This could be a good option if you wish for links to the smaller project to now point to the larger project. A page-section example is Wikipedia:WikiProject Bibliographies#Recommended structure. If you're having trouble finding interested editors, consider that the scope of your proposed project may be too narrow. Contents of WikiProject advice pages that contradict widespread consensus belong in the user namespace. Der englische Begriff High School (Hohe oder Hhere Schule) ist dagegen dem Schulbereich (Sekundarbereich) zuzuordnen. Be judicious in making such placements by carefully reviewing the scope of the project. An bundesdeutschen Hochschulen betreut derzeit im Fcherdurchschnitt statistisch ein einzelner Professor etwa 52 Studenten. If there is disagreement, then only the Wikiproject for the city's current country will template the article.

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